Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Dresses

I was so excited to make the Easter dresses this year. I found the cutest fabric and it was even on sale. I love fabric sales. Having two girls is so much fun. I love having them in matching dresses. The looked so cute!! I wore a pink shirt and Seth had a pink tie, yes we were all matching. Kind of cheesy, but a lot of fun. We plan on wearing our pink for the next family picture.

Easter Fun

Last Friday we went to the Skousen's home and decorated Bunny Gingerbread houses. It was a very fun morning.

The Easter Bunny came by our house Saturday morning. Savannah was very excited to see her new bubbles. Seth was a good sport and took her outside to play with the bubbles even though it was still a little too cold. We didn't get a pictures of Bella, she was a little too tired.

Saturday afternoon decorating eggs. I had six eggs, but one broke in the pan. It sure doesn't take very long to dye five eggs, but I am the only one who likes to eat them, so we didn't want to do too many.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Have Matched

The Match has finally come. We are headed to Cooperstown, NY for the first year, a general year. Then we will be headed to Rochester, NY for 4 years of Radiology. We are so excited!!!

Cooperstown is a small town, which I am totally excited about. I am ready to have a little more open space around me. Rochester is a great place for families and has good schools for Savannah. Yes, she will be starting school while we are there. I was very surprised to realize that little fact. It is a little weird to think about. Of course they both have really good programs for Seth.

Seth will be starting at Cooperstown sometime in June. We will be finding out more of the details in the next few days. We feel so blessed today. Seth has worked so hard over the last four years and we finally feel like the hard work is all paying off.

Today is also Seth's birthday. Happy Birthday Honey! It was a nice birthday present to find out where we are headed. We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate his birthday and the match. We will actually be able to go without kids (Thanks ChyAn). What a wonderful day!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Going To Church

Bella and I were able to go to church yesterday, finally. We decided to wait a month because of all the flu going around. It still makes me a little nervous, but we will do our best to keep her healthy. It was so nice to be able to go to church again. I missed it. We are in a new branch now, the Westchester Second Branch in Yonkers, NY. The boundaries were actually changed a month ago and I attended the branch once and then had Bella. Besides the spiritual side of church, being gone from church for a month makes me realize how much I rely on church to see my friends. I felt totally out of the loop while I was gone. It was so nice to reconnect with everyone. I am still getting used to being in a Branch instead of a Ward. This is the first time I have been in a Branch. I have only been twice, so it is still new to me. It is good to be back!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life continues to move forward. Some days I really wonder how in the world we will be able to handle two kids, it can all get a little overwhelming. The nice part is we can wake up to a new day each morning and try again. I am definitely not my best self when I am tired, but I am trying my best to take each situation one at a time.
Today has been a good day! This afternoon, during Isabella's nap, Seth and I were able to spend some time with Savannah. Just her and us. I really think she enjoyed it. I know I did. The best part was it was not planned, we just found ourselves all together having a good time. I think Savannah misses time with us. We will definitely do it again.
I have been so lucky to have Seth home quite a bit in the last month. He has been such a great help. It is nice to have someone to turn to when things get a bit crazy. His schedule changes on Monday, so we shall see what the next 4 weeks are like. We are anxiously waiting to find out where he matched for Residency. Only 2 1/2 more weeks!!!