Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our home in Cooperstown

After a week of packing, loading the truck, realizing the truck was too small, getting another truck, loading the second truck, cleaning the apartment, driving 4 hours to Cooperstown, and unloading the truck in the first major heat wave of the summer we have made it to our new home. We are excited to be here. Thank you to all who helped pack up the truck in Valhalla, and to our new branch for helping us unload the truck in Cooperstown. Thank you also to Grandma Diane for being so much help. Luckily she was here to play with the girls and the drive the second truck.
We have actually been here for a week and a half, but it took a week to get the internet. We are still unpacking boxes, mostly the tail end stuff that doesn't go in any certain spot. I am anxious to get the pictures hung up so that it looks more like our home.

We are so lucky to be able to live in a 3 bedroom townhouse. Here are some pictures Grandma took before we unloaded the boxes.

This is the view of our front door. There are 10 units in each group.

Side view of our house. This is the view from the parking lot. I am very excited not to have to re-park my car after unloading groceries. Some of you understand what I am talking about.

Back of the house. The first set of three windows are the living room windows.

When you walk in the front door, this is what you see. There is a carpeted dining room but we will not use it for that. The stairs to the right go up to a landing and the second floor. Strait ahead, down a few stairs is the living room. See pictures below.

To the left of the previous pictures is the area we are using as the dining room.

This is the kitchen. More like a hallway with counters on each side, but it is has more cupboards and counters than the last place so it is great.

Living room

Up the first set of stairs, to a landing area we will use as an office.

Up the second set of stairs to the second floor with the bedrooms and bathroom.

We do not have pictures of the bedrooms, but maybe when everything is unpacked I will take some to share. There is also a half bathroom downstairs right by the front door. We also have an unfinished basement that is so nice for storage and the washer and dryer we will be buying from a previous resident. We really like it so far.