Saturday, January 26, 2008

9 More Days!!! Unless I go into labor next week, I will be induced on Feb. 4th. I was very happy to hear that from my doctor. I am all about going earlier, a week early to be exact. We are very excited. We got out all the little 0-3 mo. baby clothes and put them in the dresser. I can't believe how little those clothes are. It certainly brought back memories of Savannah wearing all those close. Yesterday we put up the bassinet/porta-crib in our bedroom. We are very ready for her to come.
Does anyone have any opinions on Baby Bjorn carriers or any other baby carriers you have used? Do you like or dislike them? Do you wish you would have bought something else or nothing at all?

I posted earlier about working on 3 afghans for Christmas presents. Well, here is the picture of how they turned out. I was pretty excited. They actually do look pretty good. When I finished Seth asked where our afghan is. We have more yarn, so I guess it is back to the beginning again. It is nice to do some crafts to keep instead of give away.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 - Here we go!

As the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, Seth and I just looked at each other (after a kiss of course) and said "2008 is going to be a big year". We are so excited and a little nervous about all the changes coming our way. First, we will be welcoming a baby into our family in 5 weeks. I don't mind if it is a little sooner than that. I am ready to be done being pregnant. Second, in March we will receive a piece of paper telling us where the next five years will be. Who knew one little piece of paper could be so important. Third, Seth will be graduating from Med. School. We are so excited for this. He has worked so hard. Fourth, we will be moving, hopefully to a place we want to go. It is weird to know that we will be moving, but not knowing where. And that is only in the first half of the year. Then Seth will start residency and the busy schedule will start all over again. Yes, this will be quite a big year for the Iversons. We are very excited for it to get started. I remember back when Seth started med school thinking how far away 2008 was. Well it is here! I am so proud of Seth. He has worked so hard to become a doctor and now it is just around the corner. What an amazing accomplishment.

Savannah was so excited to see her new kitchen just waiting to be played with. She immediately started playing with it and having so much fun. Seeing her smile makes me want to give her everything I can.

We have a tradition in my family growing up to receive a box of cereal from Santa every year. We decided to keep that tradition going in our family as well. That way you have Christmas breakfast all ready. Don't you love Seth's hair!!!

Savannah loves Winnie the Pooh and was so excited to see her own bear. She just hugged it and then looked at it. She is such a sweet little girl that can be so tender at times. We are extra excited because the stuffed Winnie the Pooh doesn't make any sound. We actually made it through Christmas without one toy that needed batteries. YIPEE!