Friday, May 9, 2008

Our little Flower Girl

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of being a part of our friends, Cat and Andrew's wedding. They asked Savannah to be their flower girl. We were very excited. She was perfect for the part. I was a little nervous for the actual day and how well Savannah would do what they wanted. She did a great job. They were married at the UN Chapel and had their reception at the UN Delegates Dining Room. Here are a few pictures of the day.

We are waiting for them to let us inside the chapel to finish getting ready. I put Savannah's hair in curlers earlier that morning. So fun.

This is how Savannah looked at the beginning of the wedding. The hair lost some curl by the end of the day but she looked so cute.
She loved holding her basket of flowers.
Andrew, Cat, Seth, Bella, Jeni, Savannah
Congrats Cat and Andrew!
Savannah loved playing in the blossoms, while waiting for her picture to be taken.

They took pictures at the UN Gardens. It was so beautiful.

Savannah loved to dance and took every chance she could to dance with the Bride.
Savannah had so much fun at the reception. Here she is while the band was taking a break.
We gave Cat and Andrew a denim quilt that I made. Thank you Wendy, Megan, and Seth for helping tie the quilt.

Savannah seriously danced every chance she had. She didn't care if we were out there with her or not. Is this really my child?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun time at the Zoo

For those of you that have lived near the Bronx Zoo probably know about free Wednesday. We decided to take advantage of that a couple of weeks ago. It was spring break for the elementary schools, so the zoo was pretty busy but still fun. We went with the Connors and had a blast. Thanks Wendy.
The beginning of the day. A little more energy.

The end of the day. Kids were pretty tired.

Savannah and Ammon, hand in hand, enjoying a stroll through the butterfly exhibit. Savannah always says, "Ammon my best friend."

I was carrying Bella in a carrier and pushing Ammon and Savannah in the stroller. There were a few people who did a double take when we walked by, with a look of pity to see me with two two year olds and an infant.

My little midge fly daughter.