Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before and After Photo's - Living Room and Office

Here are the before and after photo's. The house is coming along, slowly but surely. I am determined to make sure everything has a place or we don't need it. I want to start off organized so that it will be easier to maintain. That being said, it takes a long time to get everything put away especially when I have to be creative in how we store stuff. Also, this whole decorating thing does not come very easy to me. This is a major learning experience, one I hope turns out positive.

This is how the old carpet looked. It was supposed to be a light blue, but it was more brown than blue except where the furniture was. We were lucky to be able to paint before the carpet was replaced.

This hardwood floor was under the carpet. We knew it was there, but did not know what condition it was in. It wasn't too bad, but would have needed to be refinished.

And now the new carpet. We opted for a neutral color, not to light, but not too dark. Don't worry, the teal curtains on the window will be changed, probably to a chocolate brown.

Fireplace view

The carpet went all the way up the stairs as well.

This is our office / treadmill room. The door leads out to the sun room and the backyard.
So there it is, the new carpet. We love it. It is so soft and clean. There will be more photos to follow as I finish more of the house. I am not kidding when I say decorating is not easy for me. It all got a little overwhelming so I just stopped trying for a while. Now I am back to working on it little by little.