Sunday, January 11, 2009

All Things Christmas

The end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 have been great for us. We had a wonderful Christmas. Seth had a week off starting Christmas Eve. It was so nice to have him home. Savannah was much more into it this year. I loved seeing the excitement in her eyes. Bella didn't really know what was going on, but she did love the paper Christmas morning. She loves to play with any paper, mag. etc. she can find, so we didn't put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve. Here are a few pictures from the Season.

Playing in the snow with Savannah and Bella. Bella didn't last very long, but Savannah had a blast.

Santa had his own little house on Main Street here in Cooperstown. He would come a few days a week to visit with the kids. Mrs. Claus came with him. She also did story time on Mondays. Savannah really enjoyed that.

Bella was not very excited to be handed off to a man in a red suit, no matter how jolly he was. He actually did a really good job with the kids. Yes, his beard is real. He does this every year with his wife.

Christmas Eve Dinner. I cooked a ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, corn, blue jello (Savannah's idea) and sparkling grape juice. The ham cooked for 13 hours, overnight, so easy and so delicious.

Savannah and Bella were lucky to open a present Christmas Eve - pajamas. They say "What Santa doesn't bring me Grandma will.

I couldn't resist posting this picture. I just love this little girl. She is always so happy.

The Sunday before Christmas church was canceled due to snow, so the girls wore their Christmas dress after Christmas. They looked so cute. Savannah actually even let me do her hair. That is a rare occasion these days.

These last two pictures are of the presents I made for my girls. I made the doll for Savannah and the bears for both of them. It was originally supposed to be Goldy Locks and the Three Bears, but I used too big of yarn for the doll, so she kind of towers over the bears. I was pretty excited to see the finished product. Of course I do hope they keep them for a long time, but we shall see. I love making things with my hands. This project taught me a lot about knitting.