Sunday, November 1, 2009

Current Projects

Blankets for my girl's. Savannah's - top, Bella's - bottom.
I sewed together two pieces of fleece and then clipped the edges.

Fabric that will become my kitchen curtains.

This is the fabric for curtains for the girl's room. I am super excited and really hope they turn out like the picture in my mind.
My mom came out to visit for a week. We had so much fun. We were able to visit all the sites in Palmyra, NY. Of course one of the favorites is the Sacred Grove. We were also able to visit the beautiful Letchworth State Park. The picture of the waterfalls comes from that park. We took Grandma to the zoo for the fun Zoo Boo fun. And of course some yummy Halloween sugar cookies were made and enjoyed. It was so nice to have her here with us. Thanks for coming Mom.
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Goldilocks and Baby Bear

I once again was lucky to be able to pick the costumes for this year. I think next year Savannah may have another idea.

Saturday morning we carved our pumpkins, but I forgot both times I went to the store to get candles so they remained dark Halloween night.

Savannah chose which shapes to use, but sadly (for her) we helped with the carving.
Seth's Pumpkin

Bella's Pumpkin. She was napping at this point, so she didn't make the pictures.

We met up with some friends for trick-or-treating. So much fun! So much Candy!

A sucker in the mouth, candy in both hands, one happy girl.

The next group of pictures are some of my favorites from when my mom was here.

My very first pie with homemade crust. YUMMY! It was an apple pie.

Super excited to make sugar cookies with Grandma.

Letchworth State Park in NY.

My favorite picture. This was taken at the Smith Farm in Palmyra, NY. The Sacred Grove is in the background. We are only 30 min away from Palmyra.