Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Dresses 2010

Even though Easter was on General Conference, I still decided to make dresses for my girl's. I took the extra week and they wore them yesterday. I just have to share the pictures because these just might be my favorite so far.

Here it is. Of course there is two, but they are just the same.

I love this part of the dress. Instead of doing regular ricrac around the dress, I found these cute little flowers. So fun.

And here are my girls. So cute! The dresses look even better on. The best part is how excited they were to wear their dresses. I ironed them on Sat. and put them in their closet. Then on Sunday morning Savannah woke up and immediately got their dresses down and laid them on their beds, ready to wear after breakfast. Savannah even let me curl her hair, a rare occasion these days.

Sadly Daddy was on call so he did not get to see them in their dresses. But I am sure there will be many more chances.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good News

The mouse trap worked. We set it out that night and the next morning it was caught. Poor Savannah thought that it was in some kind of cage so we could let it go outside. I had to carefully explain that the mouse was not alive anymore and that I am not opening the trap to see the mouse. I am glad to have it gone. We do have another trap set just in case, but so far no mouse.

We had such a great Easter weekend. The weather her in NY was beautiful. Friday and Saturday it was in the 80's so we spent a lot of time outside. The Easter bunny came on Saturday morning and brought the girls some fun tools for the garden. They are excited to help mom.

Conference was wonderful as usual. Luckily this year we were even able to watch it on our tv. The cable company here decided to carry it. We usually watch it on the computer. Savannah was very excited and even stopped to listen to quite a bit of Sat. morning session. With all the warm weather and the fun of Easter, conference, and way too many sweets, I think we wore out the kids. During the Sat. afternoon session Savannah climbed on Seth's lap and promptly fell asleep. She NEVER does this. Even when she was little she would rarely fall asleep in our arms. Then during Sun. morning session she fell asleep on my lap and slept for an hour. Of course Bella decided not to take a nap on Sunday so about 15 min before the end of conference which is about 5:45 pm our time, she had a melt down and then fell asleep in Seth's arms. We didn't let her sleep long, but Seth still enjoyed it for a little while. Here is a picture of Seth and Savannah during Sat. afternoon session.