Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's About Time

I figure it is about time to actually sit down and start posting some of the many things on my list. First of all we made it to Rochester, a month ago, but we are here. So far so good. Seth loves his job, YAY! He was really nervous that he wasn't going to like Radiology, but the work day seem to pass very quickly, so that must be a good sign.
We are enjoying our house. It is pretty fun to have our own space. I do have to say this, there is so much to do. I am sure all you home owners are nodding your head in agreement. It seems like the to do list is never ending.
Most of the moving in has gone smoothly except for one major item. We knew moving in we were going to have to have our carpet cleaned, the background to which I will share later. Knowing this we put everything that needed to go in the office or living room in the basement or sun room. We had Chem Dry come to clean the carpet and the first words out of the guys mouth was, "I can't clean this." He went on to say that it would be a better to put our money toward new carpet. For some reason I was not suprised, but did not want to hear that. I was very impressed that he would tell me the truth instead of charge me knowing it wouldn't come clean. It is pretty bad. We were pretty frustrated, and still are a little bit. We definitely did not plan to have to buy new carpet. It is so expensive. We do have hard wood floors under the carpet, but after much discussion, we are still going ahead with carpet. We found some carpet we like that we think (hope) is good quality. When I can let my mind get passed the price, I am actually very excited. It is going to be so nice to start fresh and know that my carpet is clean. Right now there is a very weird, gross smell in our house that I really hope leaves with the carpet. So any way, we are only partly moved in, main stuff the couch, entertainment center and computer. I feel like I am constantly going through boxes to find things. It is driving me crazy. We finally made the appointment with the carpet installers for a week from today. So from start to finish it will be 4 1/2 weeks. Maybe it always takes this long, but I am so tired of living on really gross, stinky carpet.
So because we are replacing the carpet, we decided we better paint while we still have the old carpet and don't have to worry about any spills. We painted the office a medium brown, actually called Mississippi mud and the living room a green (I can't remember the name). I will post pictures later when we have our new carpet. Right now the carpet is a light blue, except for the huge areas, where it is down a brownish blue, and it doesn't look very good with the paint colors we have. Our new carpet will be a light brown and I think it is going to all come together nicely. At least I am really hoping it will. Picking out paint colors was a bit of a stress, I am not very good at that kind of thing.
We also painted the girl's room pink. I am still in the process of putting their names on the wall and flowers as such all in a chocolate brown.BEFORE

AFTER - I will post another picture when it is all done.

Here is our very first home!

The door is to our sun room, or three season room, which also leads out onto our patio!

This is our back yard. I love that it is already fenced in, already has flowers and such, and most of all that it is mostly grass for us to play.

Now the next picture I did not know we had until we moved here and it is my most favorite thing about this house.

I was so excited when I found out. It is a pretty big patch of raspberries, and what do you do when you have many, many raspberries?

You make raspberry freezer jam!!! Right now we have 24 cups in the freezer and more raspberries coming. I love it. YUM, YUM!