Sunday, May 3, 2009

Easter Weekend

Even though it has been a while since Easter, here is our Easter celebration time line.
It all started with a super fun package from my mom and sister. Savannah and Bella were so excited. They each received a bag full of Easter goodies and of course the following Sunglasses.

Movie Star for sure

Bella loves being like her big sister.
Seth didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Thanks for the fun packages Mom and Traci.

Saturday we had a fun little Easter party with our friends the Harry's. We decorated sugar cookies and had an Easter egg hunt. Seth had to work that day so it was so nice to celebrate with friends.
Here's the clan after all the eggs were found. They wanted more of course.

Since Seth was at work on Saturday we changed plans and did the baskets on Sunday morning. I definitely prefer Saturday morning. The girls were pretty excited which is so fun. When I was younger the "Easter Bunny" would hide the baskets and we would have to find them. I am excited to do that as the girls get older.

Savannah and Bella checking out their stash.

This is the best picture we could get of the girls in their Easter dresses. They didn't want to stand. They looked so cute.

Here is a full picture of this year's Easter dresses. I love having girls to make dresses for.

Sunday afternoon we decorated Easter eggs.
We had a dozen of these happy eggs to look at.